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Your way to understand Italians

We are a full-service market research agency based in Milan.
We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in Italy.
We offer strong expertise in research methodologies,
together with a deep knowledge of the Italian market.

why Flair ?


because we offer:


Each project is unique and as such should be treated. We have no preferred methods, but only methodologies aimed for the targets


Research is a becoming. We listen to make the necessary changes during the process according to the objectives


Different points of view are important, that's why our team and collaborators bring knowledge from various fields: Economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology ...


 Markets change so fast and we do with them. We are constantly looking for the best solutions in order to move with the times.


We care about our clients and their projects. We believe that quality, together with passion, can make the difference. If it sounds a bit old-fashioned, well, glad to be!


What we do

We manage both qualitative and quantitative research, using different methodologies, based on clients' needs, and have an extensive experience in many different industries.

What we do


Hall Tests

Online Surveys




Clinics (Automotive)

In-home interviews

Telephone interviews




Focus Groups

In-depth interviews

Ethnographic interviews

Forums /Communities

Web Chats

Online Focus Groups

Co-creation Workshops

Observational Research





We conduct recruiting for our clients' projects according to the highest quality measures and controls, strictly following the specified criteria. 


We have particular experience in developing the screener questionnaires, in recruiting through special algorithms when requested by clients (e.g. recruiting special segments, etc.) and we offer regular updating of recruitment status.


We provide moderators and quantitative interviewers all over the country.


Our moderators are all fluent in English, thus promoting the relationship and the comprehension with clients. We offer the most experienced moderators in each specific area of study, who also support clients during the fieldwork, thanks to their direct knowledge.

Our managers will assist you through the whole process.



Our reports are directly written in English through either our own analysis scheme or following the template provided by our client.

Through extensive background information, we help the reader frame findings in the right local cultural context.

For ethnographic projects, reports include multi-media elements that “bring to life” findings: respondents’ pen-portraits, subtitled video clips, photos, abstract from diaries, etc.

We can perform a wide range of 

statistical analysis, from the simplest to the most advanced.



Online FGs / Forums

We conduct online FGs and Forum on a regular base both using platforms provided by our clients and our own platform which we constantly fine tune according to moderators' advices.


Our own platform allows respondents to upload videos, photos and documents.

With Live Focus Groups, we can program the discussion guide in advance but contents and materials can be amended or added live if needed.

Online Communities

We can build and manage your community recruiting the right members, working with you to create a tailor-made look and feel and running all the activities (new posts and discussion topics, individual tasks, polls etc.), in order to provide you with useful insights and results.


Online Surveys

We program any kind of online surveys, from the simplest to those requiring very complex routing, filtering and quota schemes.

We can customize the look and feel of any survey and can provide a reporting link to follow the FW progress.


We offer Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint Analysis (Sawthoot platform), MaxDiff and Choice based Conjoint.



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Meet The Team

Alessia Colombo_edited_edited.JPG

Alessia Colombo

Co-founder & Research Director


Consuelo Sacchi

Co-founder & Research Director


Federica Mazzuca

Research Assistant


Daniela Carchen

Research Assistant


Clients we have worked for:
Agencies we have worked for/with:


Head Office: via Lamarmora, 3A - 20122 Milano

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